Tips for Your Child’s First Haircut

Baby's First Haircut

Baby’s First Haircut

In the 25+ years I’ve owned my children’s hair salons, I’ve had thousands of parents bring their children in for the First Haircut.

I guess you could call me The First Haircut Expert! Since it’s such a momentous event, and often fraught with all kinds of emotions (good and bad), I’ve put together a list of my tried and true tips to help you prepare for the big day.

Tips for Making Your Child’s First Haircut Fun & Easy!

When to Cut

I have seen babies as young as two months come in for their first haircut, while others don’t visit the salon until they are 2 years old. Keep in mind that every child is different and there is no certain age at which they need that first cut. Here are some signs it’s time for  your baby’s first haircut:

  • When hair starts to get in your baby’s eyes or is bothersome on his or her neck
  • When “fly-a-ways” on the sides start to look like wings
  • When people start saying that your son is such a cute little girl!

Preparing for the First Haircut

A haircut is a new experience for your child, so you should prepare yourself for any tears or fears that might arise. In fact, I’ve noticed over the years that sometimes it’s the parents who are more scared than their children! Follow these tips to assure and avoid the scaries!

  • Bring your child with you to your own haircut appointment to show them what to expect; or bring them to the salon where they will be going to a few days before the actual haircut.
  • Bring a extra shirt in case they don’t want to wear the cape. (Sometimes it helps to remind them that super heroes wear capes!)
  • Pick a time that is good for your child; not nap time, snack time, or that cranky hour in between.
  • If you are not going to a kid’s salon, ask which stylist is the best for working with children. Many stylists don’t like to work with kids and book the appointment with that person.
  • If you’re not going to a kids salon, bring a book, a favorite toy, or a lollipop. Boredom is sure to bring out the worst in both of you! At my salons, children can sit in race car styling chairs and watch a video of their choice. We supply lollipops, balloons, we even will blow bubbles or sing songs to keep your child happily distracted.

During the First Haircut

Even the most prepared children can get the “first haircut jitters” when the time comes. Here’s my advice on having a fuss-free and positive salon experience:

  • Do not use the word “cut,” which may be scary for some kids. Say “trim” or “style.”
  • Use nicknames like “wind machine” for the blow dryer or “Mr. Tickle” for the buzzer so they’re less afraid of the noise.
  • Remember to relax! If you are nervous or overly emotional, your child will pick up on it right away. As I mentioned earlier, a baby’s first haircut is often harder for the parents than it is for the child!
  • If your baby is having a hard time sitting in the styling chair or fussing let him or her sit on your lap during the haircut. Don’t worry, we won’t make you climb in the race-car chair!
  • Remember to save the first lock of hair for your Baby Book! Your child’s hair will probably change in color or texture as he or she gets older. In my salons, we commemorate the occasion with a personalized “First Haircut Certificate” complete with a snippet of the child’s hair!

The more fun you can make the trip to the salon, the better!  Follow my tips for your child’s first haircut, second haircut, their third haircut, and so on until getting a haircut is simply a breeze for all of you!

Cozy Friedman