How to do a Basic Boys Haircut in 7 Easy Steps

It’s safe to say that during this time we are all becoming more adept at things we have never done before, and we thank our lucky stars that we can learn how to do just about anything via Google and YouTube (see my unclogged sink as an example).  Luckily, cutting your son’s hair will be one of the easier (and fun) skills you can develop!  At Cozy’s Cuts For Kids, we have been cutting kids’ hair for 26 years (1 million haircuts!), and happy to share some tips with you on how to do it at home. Below are my step by step instructions, along with a short video that I found on YouTube that demonstrates a boy’s haircut pretty well (since I have no kids at home to demonstrate on)!  This tutorial will focus on using a clipper, which is a little easier and more controlled (safer) than using a scissor, especially on little ones who are moving targets.  Good luck & have fun- you may be surprised at how good you are!

What you’ll need:

  • You can purchase an inexpensive clipper on-line. For a beginner “stylist” we recommend something with basic attachments that isn’t too complicated or heavy. Here is an example of one that we like for young kids, because it’s a little smaller and easier to use on little ones.  Note: People refer to Trimmer also as a Buzzer or Clipper, but not a Shear.  A Shear is a scissor.
  • Smock, cape or old t-shirt
  • Newspaper, garbage bags or disposable plastic tablecloth for the floor for easier clean-up
  • Medium-tooth comb
  • DISTRACTIONS to keep child busy/still. VERY IMPORTANT!

Set Up:

  • Cover your child with an art smock or old t-shirt
  • Avoid the bathtub for your cutting location (too slippery). Rather, sit child in a chair with a distraction (video, tablet, book, etc.)
  • Do it at a time when you won’t be rushed

Quick Clipper Tutorial:

  • A clipper comes with attachments (also called guards or blades) that click on. As a rule, the larger the attachment, the longer the cut hair will be, and conversely, the smaller the attachment the shorter the hair will end up.
  • I recommend starting with a large attachment and getting used to using the clipper. Obviously, you can always cut the hair shorter if it’s too long.
  • We will use the clipper with no attachments at the end to “clean-up” around the ears and hairline.
  • You can use more than one attachment for the haircut in order to have hair cut shorter on the sides than the top. This is right on trend now for boys and men, think soccer player vibes.
  • Always cut the hair dry when using a clipper
  • Follow the instructions that come with the clipper and oil prior to use

How to:

Step 1: Choose your attachment and get started in the back, starting from the bottom working your way up to the occipital bone (rounded part of the head).  Lean chin to chest to get closer trim and will also help to create a more tapered cut. If you are going to keep the hair longer on the top than the sides, the rounded part is where the hair will be blended, so you will stop the stroke there and start on your next stroke up, going around the head. I like to hold one hand on top of the child’s head to keep it straight and prevent from moving too much.

Step 2: Continue all around the back. If going with longer hair on the top, change attachment to a larger clip for the top/front.  If you are keeping hair all one length, keep the same attachment on.

Step 3: Continue to the front and start from the hairline toward the top/back of the head. Keep going and include the sides up toward the top of the head. Note, if you encounter a cowlick (hair growth that goes in a circle) you must cut toward the direction that the hair is growing in, swiveling the clipper as you go.

Step 4: You may need to go back over the head to make sure that you didn’t miss spots.

Step 5: If going with longer hair on top, now you will need to blend the two lengths.  In the salon, we use a technique that uses a comb, but for beginner purposes it’s fine to use the clipper to accomplish the blending.

Step 6: Starting on the bottom on the back, start your stroke and as you get to the line where you want to blend, slowly flick your wrist upward & toward you to graduate the length of the hair and prevent and repeat around the head until you are satisfied. This technique will prevent a line and will allow for a better blending affect.  Also, you can use a blade attachment that is in the middle length between the sides and the top to blend this area.

Step 7: Remove attachment to do neck and hairline detailing.  Be careful not to go too short. I recommend leaving theme a little longer than you think because they always look shorter once they are cut.  Look in the front mirror to check that the sideburns are even.  Fold down ear to cleanup around ear and sideburns.

The good news is that the one thing you can count on is that hair grows back! If you make a mistake, no big deal… Be sure to send/post pics & videos and don’t forget to tag @cozyscutsforkids

Good luck and stay safe

Cozy Friedman

Cozy Friedman