Hair Care

The Facts of Lice

What do head lice look like?  Do head lice jump?  Read on for these answers and tips on prevention and more head lice information. What do I need to know about head lice? They can live up to 30 days and can lay 4-5 eggs per day Can live off…

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Curly Hair – Detangled

I get loads of questions about dealing with children’s curly hair, whether it’s at hairstyling classes or on Naturally Curly. How do you keep it from frizzing? How do you get the tangles under control? What products should you use with curly locks? As someone who has finally embraced her curly hair after…

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Cozy’s Shampoo Secrets

I meet so many parents who wash their child’s hair every day. It’s THE most common children’s hair care mistake I see. For most kids, shampooing daily strips their hair of its natural oils, drying it out and leading to frizz. Here’s my recommended schedule: Oily hair – Every other day,…

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