Detangling Hair

A child’s hair is completely uncompromised.  It has never been colored, permed or processed and that makes it finer than adults and more prone to knotting.  Detangling can be a real challenge if you don’t know how and can cause both you and your child aggravation. Conditioning is not the solution – a good hair detangler is!

How to Detangle Hair

It’s best if you get the supplies you’ll need ready ahead of time.  You will need:  A wide tooth comb or brush, a clip, and a good leave in conditioner spray or hair detangler.  The best leave in conditioners contain vitamins and proteins to help thicken and strengthen strands. That’s why we recommend SoCozy products.  Not only do they contain all of the good stuff, but they are also non-toxic and paraben free. Lastly, If you’re working with a younger child, it helps if the they have a toy to play with or something fun to watch on TV while detangling.

You can work with either wet or dry strands. To start, section off the bottom portion of locks and pin the rest on top using your clip.

Spray each section with a conditioning spray or a detangler from root to tip.  Once you’ve sprayed the section, hold it firmly and work on the bottom.

Working from the bottom, take small sections at a time and work from the tips to crown, using the wide tooth comb or brush. This technique enables you to hold the hair with your other hand to prevent tugging and causing pain.  As you work your way up, adjust your hold.

Once you’ve finished a section, unpin the rest and pull down a new section.  If you find you’re not able to brush through a worked section, re-work it from bottom to top.

How to Prevent Tangles

In the shower, use a liberal amount of moisturizing conditioner. While it is still in and evenly distributed, use your wide tooth comb or brush to work through hair. This will increase manageability with tangles if done on a regular basis.  For really curly locks or stubborn knots, I strongly recommend a leave-in conditioner.  Last, but not least, I always recommend that girls with long hair should sleep with a very loose braid to prevent tangles.

Cozy Friedman