Fine Hair Tips

It’s a natural phenomenon that people with straight fine hair want curly hair, and vice versa.  Of course, each hair type has its own benefits, as well as challenges. I myself have naturally curly hair, so it wasn’t until I experienced the challenges of fine hair in our kids’ salons that I realized it wasn’t so easy having that silky, non-frizzy, shiny hair! But don’t worry if your child does have fine hair- it’s easily manageable once you know the best way to handle it.  Here are my top 4 tips for beautiful fine hair:

  1. Less is more- Go light on conditioner and other products that can weigh down fine hair. Conditioning twice a week is enough and be sure to rinse out product completely to avoid stringy hair.


  1. Don’t get tangled-This is the #1 problem for kids with fine hair. To avoid tangles, have your child sleep with a loose pony at night.This will help a lot and will make the morning routine a little easier. To remove tangles, try using a wide tooth comb with conditioner in the tub. Be sure to rinse all the conditioner out, to avoid weighing down hair (as discussed above).  Here’s detailed information on the proper way to comb out tangles to avoid hair breakage and damage


  1. Stay a cut above- Frequent hair trimming is the most important tip of all. Not only does it keep hair healthy but keeping fine hair shoulder length or shorter makes it appear thicker and more voluminous.


  1. You are what you eat- I know this may sound cliché, but a healthy diet will not only promote hair growth but will hydrate and nourish hair (and your child). Here’s more information on a healthy hair diet


Good luck and don’t forget to share your handy work with us. Tag us @cozyscutsforkids

Cozy Friedman