Help Your Child Accept (and Love) Their Hair!

Believe it or not, I didn’t know that I had curly hair until I was 18 years old. I just always thought that I had “bad” frizzy hair.  I envied all those straight hair girls that easily put their hair into a smooth ponytail while I spent hours blow-drying, brushing, and styling my hair and then hours trying to protect it from the elements so it didn’t get frizzy.  Rainy days were my enemy. I hated my hair.

Once I finally realized that I had curly hair, I began wearing it curly more often, but never on occasions that I needed to “look good”.  For parties or anything “important” where I wanted to look my best, I spent hours straightening and taking all the necessary precautions to prevent it from getting frizzy & curly.

That all changed for me when a good friend of mine (with beautiful curly hair) asked me why I didn’t wear my hair curly more often. I told her that if I had gorgeous curls like her I would, but my hair was just frizzy and bad.  She went on to explain and show me how to easily manage my curls so that they would be naturally beautiful. WOW- I had no idea! It was actually life changing. I no longer had to plan around my hair. I could go for a run even in the rain and not have to worry about my hair.  Getting ready to go out was no longer two hour prep. It was like I was given more hours in a day.  But the best part is that it turns out that I prefer my hair curly and I actually love my waves.  I have embraced my natural self. Now when I have a special occasion, I will even add more curls with a curling iron. The irony doesn’t escape me!

I know plenty of people that regret their negative feelings about their natural red hair from youth and now struggle to get it back (from a bottle, ha-ha) and wish that they had appreciated the beauty of it when they were kids.  Being different from the group isn’t easy, especially for kids, but it should be supported and embraced. Every person is unique and beautiful in their own individual way.  It is a parent’s job to help their kids to embrace and understand the beauty of their individuality and to help them accept themselves as they are. Of course, I write this with a child’s hair in mind, but obviously this extends to all aspects of a person’s being.  We work with kids every day that haven’t yet learned how to understand and appreciate their own natural & beautiful individuality.  It gives us so much pleasure to be able to help a child understand how to work with their natural hair, whether it’s fine, thick, course, straight, wavy, curly, blond, red, short, long (you get the picture) and help them let it become part of expressing who they truly are.  Once I understood my hair, I was finally able to learn how to manage it and enhance it.

It’s worth taking the time to investigate your child’s hair type and options, so they can learn from an early age how to best manage it.  Here are a couple of links that may help for specific hair types, like curly hair or fine hair, but feel free to stop by the salon for a (free) consultation and advice.

A person’s hair is a big part of their personal style, so why not start to develop that freedom of expression at an early age? I only wish I understood this as a child.  Dr Seuss really knew what he was talking about…

Cozy Friedman