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Dear Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Friends,

Nearly everyone I meet asks me the same two questions:

  1. How did you come up with the idea for Cozy's Cuts For Kids?
  2. Is Cozy your real name?

Here are the answers in a nut shell. Way back in 1992, a friend of mine told me about her cute little nephew's awful haircut experience at an adult salon. He was scared and began to cry and they were politely asked to leave the salon. That was my "Lightning Bolt Moment". I began to research the industry, knowing nothing about the salon industry, children or parents. I wasn't married, didn't have children and had no retail experience- other than part-time high school jobs.

I was amazed! It became obvious to me that the market was ripe for a salon that would not just allow children, but would welcome them with open arms. I needed to create a place that kids would love to visit (that's where the Toy Boutique part of the concept came from). Equally important, the salon needed to be staffed with the highest level of experienced stylists, who enjoyed working with children and whom parents would feel comfortable entrusting their children's hair to. Two years later, after working in an assortment of children's businesses and obtaining my barber's license, the first Cozy's Cuts For Kids opened on Madison Avenue on Dec 10, 1994. We were bustling from the first day!

Twenty-one years and multiple salons later – I am constantly amazed and touched by the strength of the emotions that our little clients and their parents feel towards us. I am often stopped by our customers who tell me what an impact Cozy's has had on their lives. So many children have a hard time with haircuts and it is so awesome to know that we have made a difference. I watch my amazingly gentle staff work their magic on the kids and it makes my heart swell with pride and delight.

In keeping with our customer's requests, we have created SoCozy Professional Hair Care for Children - the first ever professional line of hair care products made with the finest ingredients gentle enough for kids. Continuing on my quest to address children’s hair care needs, I published my first book, Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair. Let’s see what’s next!

Thanks to all the Cozy Kids out there who have made my journey such a meaningful experience and to my incredibly supportive husband Joey and my 2 beautiful boys Shane & Riley.

Cozy Friedman

Cozy Friedman
Cozy Friedman

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