Cozy's Cuts for Kids Reviews

“Five stars! We had an excellent experience with our two-year-old grandson, who resists–in the most vociferous manner–getting haircuts. After two disastrous experiences (one at an adult salon, one at a kid salon) we went to Cozy’s Cuts. They did an amazing job while my grandson fought them the whole way. Kimi, the stylist, took it in stride. She was unflappable, efficient, gentle–and gave him an adorable cut despite the extreme (no other way to say it) challenge. The entire staff was gracious and understanding. We’ll go back!”

Claire B.

“Just came from a great experience at Cozy’s west side location.   My twins, a boy and a girl both needed an end of summer haircut.   I was reticent after reading some reviews but am soooo thrilled I went and took a chance.  Both my son and daughter look amazing and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Ignore the naysayers and try for yourselves.”

Eileen M.

“I was with my 2 year old niece the other day and watch her mesmerized and enthralled with her experience at cozy’s. I wish there was a cozy’s when I had to take my kids for haircuts.  Brilliant concept, brilliant haircut, brilliant experience… well done.”

Elizabeth B.

“I give Cozy’s 5 stars — my kids got their first haircuts there and it was great!  Cozy’s really knows how to work with kids.  And now that they are school-age — the Boo shampoo can’t be beat!”

Jodi G.

“This is my 2nd time here and we had a great experience. My older daughter was so excited to get cool braids and beads in her hair and loved her look. My younger daughter was enthralled by the whole experience – she loved watching a movie while getting her hair cut (a real treat for her since we don’t watch much tv at home) and also had fun blowing bubbles. She got the cutest cut and her stylist was really sweet and good with my girls – we went a little shorter this time around and it came out great. They redid the place since my last visit and it looked bright and cheery, and very clean. We would definitely go back.”

Marni A.

“I have a two year old who despises haircuts. Not only were they able to calm and get him settled, the stylist gave him an amazing haircut. He looks great! We are definitely willing to pay a little extra for a kid’s cut given the great experience. We will definitely be coming back.”

Melissa S.

“My son has been coming to this same salon since feb/2012. He was a hairy baby and so we brought him here for his first haircut with Donna when he was 8-months-old. We love the service here. The stylists are patient, creative, and very professional.”

Michele A.

“Although the place is small I absolutely loved it. They cleaned the station very well before my son sat down. They made sure we were comfortable at all times. They were very professional greeted us at the door. It was my son’s first haircut and they were very understanding to how emotional it was for us. They explained every move they were making. They also made my son feel comfortable. I loved it ! Also the wonderful lady who cut my son’s hair was Marlena and she did great ! For his first haircut I’m so happy we went there and seen her. I’d definitely go again !!”

Robin L.

“Took my 20 month old son here. He was crying the entire time and would not sit still. The staff at Cozy’s did everything to calm him down AND they gave him an excellent hair cut. I was shocked they did such a good job with a toddler who would not sit still. A+++. We have been to other places because we are not local and they don’t even compare to Cozy’s.”

Scott M.

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